FEATURE: A Design of Justice – The Courtroom of the Future

Between September and December 2018, students of the Amsterdam Law School (UvA) and Architectural Design students of the Rietveld Academy engaged
Written By Wikke Monster / Elaine Quinn (August 2020)
5 Minutes Read

FEATURE: The Emergence of Earth Jurisprudence in Africa

Across Africa, a network of Earth Jurisprudence Practitioners is accompanying traditional and indigenous communities
Written By Carlotta Byrne, Earth Jurisprudence Coordinator, Gaia Foundation (August 2020)
6 minutes Read

FEATURE: Beyond Neoliberalism – The Dawn of a New Civilisation

We are in a profound spiritual crisis because fea11 the core operating principles of our civilization are based
Written By John Montgomery (August 2020)
6 Minutes Read

FEATURE: Contemplative Lawyering – A Vocation of Service

Western law, particularly American law, has made many positive contributions to upholding modern democracy.
Written By Jenipher Jones (September 2020)
8 Minutes Read

FEATURE: Connecting to Care – Fostering a Deep Emotional Connection between humans and the natural world

We all know that there is lots of injustice in the world but most of us don’t step up.
Written By Barry Lee (September 2020)
7 Minutes Read

FEATURE: The Georgia Justice Project – Family Restoration After Prison

Timothy was in some ways lucky. He was incarcerated for nearly 10 years
Written By Ross Brockway (September 2020)
7 Minutes Read

FEATURE: Integrating Spirituality, Law, Politics and Evolution

My journey to the study of evolution came through the court room, where I spent 20 years on the bench
Written By Bruce Peterson (August 2020)
15 minutes Read

FEATURE: PART TWO: What Exactly is Forgiveness Anyway?

While forgiveness is not relevant to every case nor to every client
Written By Eileen Barker and Barbara Monty (June 2019)
7 minutes Read

FEATURE: #CoffeeforContracts – An Experimental Campaign

Lawyers are known for being an interesting lot.
Written By Manojna Yeluri (April 2019)
3.5 minutes Read