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Discontent within the legal profession, it appears, is a global issue.

Subsequent to spending the past seven years researching solutions to this epidemic, I wrote a book called: “Let’s Kill Kiss All The Lawyers! … said no-one, ever“. In this book I have taken a humorous look at the plight of the legal profession and offered some serious solutions to assist lawyers in connecting with their purpose.  A true life purpose is found in how we can be of service to others.

Many of us are making cutting edge inroads on changes to the way we practise law. My take is on changing the perspective of the lawyer so that they can appreciate the value of unity consciousness. It is from this place that we can feel into our desire for service.

In the book, I take lawyers on a journey into exploring their true nature as conscious beings all the while possessing unconscious beliefs. The majority of these beliefs developed in childhood, some even fostered in law school, inhibit many of us from experiencing a true heart connection.

Lawyers in the traditional sense are seen as powerful intellectuals. A wonderful trait for the work we must do. However, if we are unable to connect with our hearts, we are unable to effectively be of service. We cannot tune into the needs of our clients.

Connecting with the heart cannot be embodied until we have bought awareness to our own self-limiting beliefs, so that our lawyer hearts become fully open.

Virginia Warren aka ‘The Zen Lawyer’ is a partner in a law firm on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. As a yoga instructor and author, she’s developed a process call conflict alchemy, turning your conflicts into gold. You can read the first few pages of Virginia’s book here.



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