Conscious Contracts (

It is possible for conscious businesses to create ‘conscious contracts’ that harness the power of the existing system to support and sustain their commitment to positive change.  Applying the precepts of contract law from a conscious-business perspective, parties can design their ideal relationship, and set in place their own values-oriented structures and systems for addressing change, engaging conflict and managing crisis.

Cutting Edge Law (

Cutting Edge Law explores the many facets of Integrative Law.   Integrative Law is an emerging worldwide movement to create a legal system that grants dignity and voice to everyone in the legal system, crafting values-based, creative, sustainable, and holistic solutions that build and strengthen relationships.

Forrest Webb / Legal Changemaker Cafes (

Forrest Webb began as a group of legal consultants with a shared mission and vision. We set out to transform what it means to be a lawyer through collaboration and exploration of how to make the world a better place.

Legal Changemakers’ Cafes are an international platform to unite lawyers who are bringing about positive change to the legal system. We intend to offer them all over the world and have created an on-line community for those who have attended prior cafés.