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January 2017
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May 2017
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November 2017
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October 2018
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September 2020
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Features include:

Rights for Nature: Why do we need them?Mumta Ito

Interview with J.Kim Wright, Integrative Law MovementElaine Quinn

Global Animal Law Project – Seeking to Give Animals a Better Life Through LawSabine Brels

A Victory for Wholehearted Lawyering: The Dutch Climate CaseFemke Widjekop

Seeking Wholeness – a personal reflectionPatrick Andrews

Mindful Law: What can the practice of mindfulness offer to the legal profession? – Elaine Quinn

Conversation with the planetIsabel Anino Granados

The Creative Legal Commons: An Invitation to Imagine and ActMothiur Rahman

Other updates on The Parliament of ThingsDigna De Bruin and poetry from: Jim Dwyer and Mothiur Rahman






Features include:

Law and Aesthetics: Beauty, Totality and Violent LawLucy Finchett-Maddock

Art and Law: The Art/Law NetworkLucy Finchett-Maddock

Interview with Marjorie A. SilverElaine Quinn

Conscious Communication: Correspondence is to Dealing with Divorce, what Lobotomies are to Dealing with Mental Health ProblemsStephen Anderson

What Can mainstream courts learn from Aboriginal Sentencing Courts?Jordan Tutton

Benefit Corporation Legislation: Corporations with a ConscienceJohn Montgomery

Law and Emotion: The Emotionally Healthy Lawyer – a UK perspective – Emma Jones

Law and Purpose: Asking Deeper QuestionsJulian Summerhayes

Book Review of ‘Transforming Justice, Lawyers and the Practice of Law’ edited by Marjorie A. SilverElaine Quinn

With art from Lucy Finchett-Maddock and Isabel Anino Granados.

With poetry from Arezou Kohan, Paolo Urax Bellene, Mothiur Rahman and Jim Dwyer.




Features include:

Redefining Justice: The Human Shape of JusticeKim Vanderheiden

Holistic Wills and Probate: An Integrative Approach to Creating WillsRhiannon Thomas

Interview with Michael Bradley, Marque LawyersElaine Quinn

The American Religion of Law: My Priestly InitiationRoss Brockway

Judicial Decision Writing Can Improve WellbeingPauline Spencer

Lawyer as Healer?Patrick Andrews

African Commission Resolution – Respect for Sacred SitesGaia Foundation UK

UK Could see its first Rights of Nature LawMumta Ito

Art and Law Coming Together: Examples from Around the WorldJ.Kim Wright

Book Review of ‘Wild Law – A Manifesto for Earth Justice’ by Cormac CullinanElaine Quinn

New Economy Law: Law from the MarginsMothiur Rahman

With shorter updates on New paradigms and perspectives in Prague from Emma Jones, and Charter of the Forests – 800th Anniversary from Mothiur Rahman.




Features include:

Mission Life Force: On Track to Making Ecocide Law a RealityElaine Quinn

Conflict Dynamics: The Archetype of ConflictMaria Claudia Perego

Book Review of ‘The Desire for Mutual Recognition – Social Movements and the Dissolution of the False Self’ by Peter GabelElaine Quinn

Interview with Peter GabelElaine Quinn

Advancing Nature’s Rights through Restorative Justice – New Zealand ExperienceFemke Wijdekop

Conscious Sacred resistance: Reflections on the Policy of Child Separation in the USJenipher Jones

Community Charters: Law and Power from the ‘Inside Out’Mothiur Rahman

The Art in Judging: Poetics in Legal Decision-MakingAdam Strombergsson-DeNora

Animal Law and Emotions: Expanding the Conversations about Conflicts over AnimalsDebra Vey Voda-Hamilton

With art from Rama Devi, Idara Bassey and Isabel Anino Granados

With poetry from Nance Schick



Features include:

The Georgia Justice Project: Family Restoration After PrisonRoss Brockway

Confronting the Problem of Child Support Laws in the U.S.PISLAP

Positive Green Criminology: Nurturing Our Care for the Environment Through LawFemke Wijdekop

Connecting to Care: Fostering a Deep Emotional Connection with NatureBarry Lee

Book Review of ‘The Inner Work of Racial Justice – Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness’ BY Rhonda V. MageeElaine Quinn

Interview with Rhonda V. MageeElaine Quinn

Contemplative Lawyering: A Vocation of Service Jenipher Jones

Neitoons: Lockdown CartoonsDave Neita

Beyond Neoliberalism: The Dawn of a New Civilisation – John Montgomery

The Emergence of Earth Jurisprudence in AfricaCarlotta Byrne, The Gaia Foundation

A Design of Justice: The Courtroom of the FutureWikke Monster

With art from Kim Vanderheiden and Isabel Anino Granados

With poetry from Thomas Telfer, Nitya Bansal and Klaartje Freeke