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Many businesses are shifting their cultures. Benefit corporations, “Conscious Capitalist,” and other companies are increasing their focus on purpose, values and sustainable impact in the business world. Corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability, and purpose-driven businesses demand a broader, more holistic view of impact and stakeholders. How are lawyers and law firms adjusting to these cultural changes?

In a day-long workshop taking place in London on 5 July, there will be an exploration of how lawyers and HRDs can assist companies to align their legal documents with their company purpose and values, creating long-term sustainable relationships in all their legal documents. This reinvention of contracts is designed to foster relationships, strengthen relational skills, and engage positively with disagreement – with integrity. The model is built on and incorporates the wisdom of legal precedent.

J Kim Wright, US lawyer, leader in the Integrative Law Movement and the founder of Cutting-Edge Law will share her insights into the implications of this for legal relationships.

Specifically Kim will explore how lawyers and HRDs can assist businesses to take the vision-led and values-driven journey further into their relationships with clients, service providers, employees and partners by eschewing old style legal contracts in favour of new ones which reflect the mission, vision and values of the contracting parties.

The workshop will introduce you to the movement of values-based contracts (also called ‘Conscious Contracts’), as well as equip you with practical and relevant tools in drafting such contracts. You will be supported through the process of reimagining a contract from a traditional adversarial one, to one which responds to the need of an organisation trying to improve the relationships that business has with its employees, its suppliers, and its customers.

This workshop is designed for anyone who is involved in drafting and negotiating contracts and wants to explore a more values-driven approach.

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